New Genius Frog Lure

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  • Shaped for outstanding topwater performance
  • Flow-through design keeps it from sinking
  • Two hooks improve chances of keeping fish on


Our challenge is to get a lure into the type of cover these food sources inhabit without snagging every branch and stem of grass. These lures exceptionally are the best in getting big bass out of thick, heavy cover. Depending on the section of the country you're from, this class of baits is known as " genius frogs ". For simplicity, we'll call them frogs in this discussion.

The distinctive feature of the lures in this class is that the hooks are weedless and there are no protrusions or sharp angles that can pick up vegetation. They are also almost exclusively soft and most are hollow plastic. The idea behind the development of the frog lure is to enable anglers to put a lure into areas where an exposed hook will either hang up or pick up aquatic vegetation and drag it along, which will make a hungry bass shy away.

Using the frog lures is pretty easy. Cast it out on the grass and hop it back to the boat. Hooking and landing the big bass that often inhabit this water can be challenging. Typically, experienced frog anglers will use heavy line and fairly stout rods to get these fish.


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