Genius Tiler

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When cutting tiles, specifically around special items like pipes, weird corners, and other things that may be in the way of cutting a straight edge tile to fit, you need a specialized tool to know how to cut your tile. There are many products that you can get to get this job done, but this contour gauge might be one of the coolest we've seen.

The unique tile contour gauge by GeniusWorlds allows for simple and quick scanning of the cutting line and transfer it right onto the material you need to cut and fit into place. It's a super simple and and accurate way to transfer the shapes of corners and contours onto wood or tile to be cut.

The contour gauge is made from a sturdy plastic design, and is perfect for fitting laminate, fitting tile or wood or around heating pipes, and more. The contour gauge has a max-width 5.11 inches and a contour max-depth of 1.18 inches.