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Genius Steamer Iron Set

A neat and well-ironed clothing is a must. Whether you are a professional, a businessman, or a student, a neat and well-coordinated look will always be a plus. Looking put together is a sign of respect, not just for the people you are meeting, but also for yourself. However, ironing is never a favorite activity. Let the Genius Steamer help you prepare your clothes for work, for that important interview, for that crucial client meeting, or for that romantic dinner date.

Suitable for most types of fabrics

You will only need one handheld steam iron for all your clothes. Whether you are ironing your cotton shirts, suits, silk shirts, evening dress, or pants, the Genius Steamer is all you need for a crease free outfit. No need to worry about burning your favorite shirt or dress with this portable handheld iron.

A powerful device that can quickly smooth your clothes

The Genius Steamer is made with Ceramic Sole-plate, which can quickly iron out even the most creased of fabrics. It is also safe for any fabric so you can iron with peace of mind. It gives off a steady and powerful steam that can remove wrinkles, bad odors, and even germs and bacteria.

Take it on vacations and business trips

Going out of town does not mean you have to look all wrinkly, as if you have slept with your clothes on the night before. The Genius Steamer is handy and lightweight, you can take it with you during business trips. Look put together and presentable wherever you go.

More than a mere handheld iron

The Genius Steamer is a multi-function device. You can use it to clean off dust, to clean off your pillows, and even to clean the fabric of your sofa. Moreover, the Genius Steamer is safe and is so easy to use. Simply hang your clothes in the hanger, or lay them flat on your ironing board or table. Add water using the provided measuring cup. You can adjust the temperature to your desired level. Press the steamer button, and iron your clothes. The Genius Steamer is made with your safety in mind, so you do not have to worry about leaking water while working. Buy yours now!