Genius Rebar

Save 46%

Main Features:

*Made of quality material, high strength and durable

*The handle with ergonomic design for long time operation

*4 spiral version, easier to use than 2 spiral version

*Effort-saving and convenient to use

*Greasing prior needed to use




*Color:Black(As Pictures Show)  

*Material:45# Steel (chromed)+PVC(soft plastic)

*Total Length:30cm(Approx.)

*Stretch Length:44cm(Approx.)



How to Use:

1. Insert the hook of the tool into both loops of the tie wire

2. Pull straight back on the tool to twist the wires tightly

3. If the wire needs further tightening, allow the tool to recoil/reload, and pull again to create more twists. Repeat as needed

4. After you are satisfied with your twisted loop tie, remove the wire twister and move on to you next loop tie