Genius Pet Nail Trimmer

Save 40%

What's the worst thing about cutting your dog or cats nails? It's of course accidentally cutting through the dogs quick (blood vessel) that's inside the nail. Though second is of course having to restrain your dog or cat so that you can actually attempt to cut them in the first place. This unique dog and cat nail clipper uses an LED light on the end of it that illuminates your pets nail, allowing you to easily located where the quick is, and not cut through it when trimming their nails.

This Genius tool uses a super-bright LED light that perfectly illuminates your cat or dogs nail to quickly show where to stop trimming. Not only that but it also has a 5x magnifier that helps you get a close-up look at the nail while trimming so you can be extra careful.


  • The Genius Nail Trimmer with LED light and Magnification Mirror ensures that you can cut your pet's nails without risking injury or discomfort to your pet. The bright super LED light means you can see exactly where you need to cut. It also has a nail trapper so you don't have to clean up nails trimming off the floor and off your clothes. The sharp blade is also very durable.
  • 5x magnififation mirror so you can see things up close and reduce the risk of cutting too deep
  • Non-slip srip for easy handling
  • Nail Length guide along the nail receptable to again reduce the risk of cutting too much off
  • Ultra sharp blade wiill stay sharp for years
  • Excellent Quality