Genius Multi-bulb

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Let there be light. And I mean a lot of light. If you need some serious light anywhere, check out this Genius Multi-bulb. It puts 7 Bulbs into one socket. When is the last time you saw 7 bulbs in a single socket? Yeah, I've never seen it either, but the fact that this adapter does this is simply amazing. That's 7 times the light power.

This adapter works with both incandescent and CFL bulbs, and is pretty much perfect for adding extra light into your garage, work space, or utility room. The device places 6 bulbs around the perimeter, with one extra bulb right in the center.

Just twist the device into your existing socket, then just twist up to 7 light-bulbs into the existing sockets on the device. Now you have the blinding power of 7 light bulbs at your disposal, to give extreme amounts of light where only 1 light bulb could be used before.


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