Genius Materbelt

Save 34%

There are sufficient things to stress over when pregnant, however because of this GENIUS MATERBELT driving doesn't need to be one of them. All the wellbeing exhortation out there guides you to simply wear your safety belt as low over your hips and thighs as could be expected under the circumstances, yet if you somehow happened to get in a mishap it would even now push into your stomach basically smashing the little chunk you have covered inside. This GENIUS MATERBELT eases the heat off of your stomach and diverts it to your thighs guaranteeing your hatchling stays safe and give you your significant serenity. 

It additionally gives included solace in light of the fact that when your balancing your pregnancy (play on words expected) the exact opposite thing you need is something else contacting your stomach (get off of me pregnancy jeans and tummy groups - let my stomach relax!). 

This belt is likewise extraordinary for any of you post C-Section mother's (or any individual who is post stomach medical procedure) who are terrified to death to drive the days or weeks after medical procedure. On account of the repositioning of the belt, you won't recoil each time you see brake lights or the feared "knock ahead" sign - whoopee for escaping the house!