Genius Glass Cutter

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1.Wear-resistant sucker lock, durable.
2.The scale is clear and the plan is accurate.
3.Equipped with six high hardness alloy knife wheel, cutting sharp, long service life.
4.The ball shaped movable handle , anti-slip.

Step 1: draw a circle on the glass.
Step 2: after drawing a circle on the back of the glass along the
cutting line to strike, the intensity of your control, the crack can be struck.
Step 3: in the front of the glass, the circle of some small square, easy to strike the glass.
Step 4: on the back of the glass along the small square of the line to strike a crack.
Step 5: striking the small square to take out the small square in the circle
Cutting finish

if you're the first operating, the glass from the window down, in the carton above
the operation, do not put the glass on the hard floor, easy to damage glass.

Package include:
1x Compasses Circle Circular Cutter with Suction Cup
2x Screw




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