Genius Exhaust

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Application: For car pipe need be smaller than 70mm 

Description: Color: Chrome Material:Stainless Steel

Size: Inlet Diameter:70mm Outlet Size:77mm

Features: Genius Exhaust has pure steel M clip, the nut is reinforced steel thicker nut, is the ordinary tail throat clamp several times, greatly enhanced the strength of the clip. 

Genius Exhaust: anti-high temperature -fire caps, play a high temperature, back pressure, enhance the role of power; and -fire caps are connected with a muffler spoiler, can play a certain role in the elimination of noise; Layer of high temperature rare materials and chemical raw materials layer protection, high temperature above 400 degrees, the exhaust port temperature is also one or two hundred degrees. Inside the sprayer: the line is the -fire high temperature line, the line from the inside to the outside with a multi-layer glass wire anti-high temperature -fire pipe and porcelain, high temperature is also far more than the actual maximum temperature. Sprayer front end: there is a muffler spoiler, two silencer spoiler network to play two muffler spoiler effect, coupled with the -fire booster cap to make the sound smaller, more powerful. 

Light principle: followed by the rear spoiler distributed cover, inflatable package, gas network, the last combination of light and gas produced an unexpected effect of simulated -fire spit. This product can help the engine back pressure, reduce noise, to remind the car to keep driving safety distance, to prevent rear-end accident occurred, enhance the clarity of reversing, beautiful and generous.

Package included: 1x LED Exhaust Pipe