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This light combines regular visual warning with turn signal light and laser beams, providing a full round of visual warning effect. It features in remote control so as to stay away from complex wiring on your bike. Equipped with quality LED chips and high volume rechargeable battery, this lamp is able to meet most of visual warning needs desired in cycling.
-Remote control to stay away from complex wiring on bike
-Turn signal light indicated by the red and yellow color LED
-Two laser beams projected on ground marks a safety zone
-Streamline regular visual warning by red color LED
-Choice quality LED ensures high light output, various lighting modes provided
-Equipped with high volume battery to support high illumination
-USB 5V charging, easy to use with computer, laptop, Android phone charger or battery bank
-Housing Made by ABS material from fine tooling,
-Easy mount and release
-Light source: 29LEDs SMT (Everlight chips)
-Light color: Red light + Yellow Light
-Output 85lumens
-Main Mode: 3 modes ( Flash, steady, cross-flash)
-Turning mode: 2 modes ( Turn right, turn left)
-Laser: 2 red lights, safety distance 5M, 2 modes: steady and flashing
-Switch: Remote control ( controller mounted at handle bar)
-Auto light sensor: on/off by ambient light brightness
-Lamp Battery: Lithium battery 2000mAH #18650
-Charge: USB port ( Android type), about 3-5 hours to full charge; input 5V 1A Max
-Controller Battery: Button Cell CR2032 3V 310mAH, replaceable, not chargeable
-Indication: Red light when charging, auto turns off when fully charged
-Burning: subject to mode in use, mainly, steady 4 hours, flash 8 hours.
-Ingress protection: IPX4 Rain water proof
-Mount: Fits tube dia. 20-40mm
-Casing: Mainly black color
-Material: Mainly ABS, PC, silicon & electronic devices
-Working Life: 1000 times charging, 5000 service hours
-Working Temperature: -20-60°C
-Lamp size: 110*45*30mm, weight 130g
-Controller size: 35*42*20mm  weight 17g
Package Include:
1X rear light; 1X Remote controller; 1X USB cable;
1X Lamp holder; 1XMount Pad; 1X Silicon strap
1X 18605 Battery (built-in); 1X CR2032 Battery (Built-in)
1X User's Manual (English Language)