Electric Lighter

Save 50%
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Our lighters are perfect for tobacco products, hemp wick, or firing up charcoal in the grill. This electric lighter is engineered so that it can spark nearly anything including cigars, water pipes, hemp wick, candles (even wood ones), incense, and more


  • ELECTRIC USB LIGHTER: 100% electric and the most powerful USB rechargeable lighter on the planet. Plug our lighter into any USB port for an hour to charge and get 100+ lights per charge.


  • BUTANE & CHEMICAL FREE: A lighter that is butane and chemical free, it contains no fluids or gas at all and = fifty disposable lighters. Be part of the movement to reduce the 1.9 billion disposable lighters that end up in the landfill and oceans every year.


  • WEATHERPROOF: Our lighter is windproof and is specifically engineered to work in any weather and in any condition


  • SAVE MONEY: Why spend hundreds on disposable lighters that harm the environment when you can own a Plazmatic X! One of our electric lighers = fifty disposable lighters.


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