3 in 1 Genius Measuring Tool

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3-in-1 measuring tape! 


The 3-in-1 measuring tape that can quantify all and any surfaces! This is the new and inventive approach to gauge quicker, less demanding, and all the more adequately! Never again be bound to the wobbly metal measuring tapes that can just measure straight surfaces. 


Genius Measure has 3 diverse estimating modes to give you the most precise outcomes. Move Mode can quantify any bended surface or sporadic molded questions just by rolling the connected wheel for length or separation! It's so basic you can do it with only one hand! Flex Cord enables you to effortlessly and precisely measure around objects! Not any more crinkled metal measuring tapes that don't give you a precise estimation! Flex Cord enables you to gauge anything adjusted without impediments! For those long and difficult to achieve zones there is Laser Mode! Simply point the laser and measure remove in a split second! 


Try not to second figure your estimations, Genius Measure is outfitted with an exact, simple to-peruse advanced LED show! Genius Measure is made of substantial obligation and strong development review material to deal with any undertaking. Ideal for work or home! Genius Measures estimations are accurate to the point that they measure 1/100th of an inch! Pick amongst standard and metric. You don't need to be a specialist contractual worker to get the best outcomes, Genius Measure does all the work for you!